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We use the latest nutritional guidelines to make automatically generated balanced meal plans*

Whole grain foods are good for you

about a quarter of your plate

  • whole grains

    • quinoa​

    • bulgur

    • buckwheat

    • oats and oatmeal

    • brown and wild rice

  • whole grain pasta

  • whole grain bread

  • whole oats or oatmeal

Protein foods

about a quarter of your plate

  • legumes

    • beans

    • chickpeas

    • lentils

  • fish and shellfish

  • tofu and other soy products
  • nuts and seeds
  • lower fat dairy products

  • eggs

  • poultry

  • meat

Plenty of vegetables and fruits in your meals and snacks


half of your plate

  • vegetables

  • fruits

  • berries

  • leafy greens

  • mushrooms

  • herbs

have it

  • fresh

  • baked

  • roasted

  • stir-fried

  • steamed

  • frozen

  • canned with no sugar

  • blended

Customised menu for your family needs
Have your personalised weekly plan in just one click
Enjoy smart and convenient food shopping
Save time for cooking
No need to diet
Eat balanced 
Optimize your spendings for food shopping
Stay constantly
inspired with
 new recipes
Reduce food waste
Improve your gut microbiota diversity
  • Evidence-based nutrition tips
  • Right balance
  • Dietary preferences and allergies filter
  • Seasonal fruits and veggies first

Maria Kardakova, MSc, ANutr

CEO, London

Public Health Nutritionist

Food companies research consultant

"You don't have to be a food guru to eat healthy and balanced. This app is a perfect instrument to change your family's diet. I'm always saying not to restrict yourself but rather expand your everyday menu – make it more varied and interesting."


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